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We are Seattle micro-roastery delivering hand-roasted specialty grade coffee to homes and cafes, with deep Scandinavian roots, innovation driven, and passionate about sourcing and roasting incredible coffee with love and hygge. We aim to live the values of highest quality, transparency and approachability in all that we do.  
Whenever possible, we aim to connect with the people who grow and process our coffees and establish collaboration and support to them in various ways. We do all we can to ensure that the coffee you enjoy has a positive impact on the farmers and also the environment. 
Our approach to roasting is a blend of art and science. We strongly believe that scientific approach, data collection, analytics, continuous tasting, and understanding of each coffee, process, and varietal gives us incredible  insights that we use on a daily basis. We like to experiment with different roast profiles and choose coffees that are unique. Our aim with roasting is to always emphasize the unique characteristics of the individual coffee and bring the best combination of flavors and sweetness for you to enjoy the most delicious cup possible. 



800 5TH AVE N 98109

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