Tanzania Ngila Estate

  • Brown Sugar, Caramel, Passion Fruit  

  • 95 Point rated by Coffee Review!

    Ngila Estate is a 100 hectare farm situated at 1500-1600m elevation on the slope of Tanzania's Ngorongoro crater. Founded a century ago by German settlers, in 1992 the farm was purchased by the Meyer Family who have invested in installing drip irrigation and updating the farms mill with modern water saving equipment.

    They have also begun planting new varieties selected for high cup quality beyond what is traditionally grown in the area. 

    This coffee is from the SL28 variety. A famed selection made in 1936 by Scott Laboratories in Kenya and the benchmark for quality of all other varieties in that country since. Related to the Typica and Bourbon group of varieties, this selection often exhibits greater acidity and complexity than either and has begun to be planted outside of Africa in the past decade owing to its reputation for exemplary quality.