Nicaragua La Escondida

  • Caramel, Bergamot, Red Velvet Cake 

  • Region: Lipululo, Jinotega
    Process: Anaerobic Low Temperature Natural Process
    Varietal: Bourbon Pointu Laurina Varietal
    Altitude: 1250 masl
    Farm: Microlot, Female Producer, Eleane Mierisch
    Eleane Mierisch. Eleane is coming from a well-established coffee family that have several farms. The Mierisch family are indeed producing very diverse coffees with dozens of different varietals and trying different processing methods with accurate, thorough processing at that. With those coffees, the family has won the Cup of Excellence in Honduras and Nicaragua several times. This coffee is imported as a direct relationship with the farm and we are looking forward to be working with Eleane in the future as well.