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  • Raspberry, Bergamot, Pineapple, Panela  

  • Finca El Manzano is a farm located in Chalchuapa, Santa Ana, EL Salvador between 1,300 - 1,550 meters above sea level and has a span of 70 hectares. This farm was founded in 1872 and has been managed by the same family for six generations. 

    Finca El Manzano, founded in 1872, has belonged to Emilio López Díaz’s family for generations. In 2005, he expanded the operation by replanting new varieties to the farm and by building Beneficio El Manzano.

    The new cultivars and production facility allowed Emilio to experiment with different processes as well as the ability to explore the various characteristics that the other varietals have to offer. These varietals include Yellow, Red, and Orange Bourbon, Pacamara, SL-34, Gesha, Pacas and Caturra.

    At the heart of the farm, you’ll also find our state-of-the-art mill, where our coffees can undergo various processes such as patio, raised bed, and mechanical drying, as well as natural, honey, and washed processing methods.

    This degree of cultivation and control of the process has been at the forefront of what makes Finca El Manzano so remarkable. Coffee from this farm has contributed to three national barista championships and first and second place finishes in the 2018 El Salvador COE.

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