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El Chuzcal - Colombia (Gesha)

  • Jasmine, Brown Sugar, Hint of Rose, 
    Juicy and Bright 

  • The Gesha EL CHUZCAL FARM is owned by Augusto Triana Cortés and Ciro Néstor Cruz Ricaurte. In the farm they grow different varietals including Geisha, Pink Bourbon, Typica, Colombia, Castillo, and Cenicafé. The farm extension is approx. 26 Hs. The farm is located at an altitude of 1850 masl and El Chuzcal is located in the Villamaria municipality, Caldas department, San Julián vereda. Approx 70% of the land is dedicated to coffee other land is in grass and forest preservation.

    What makes a Gesha so special? It is a rarity, exclusive and highly coveted, and boasting an impeccable reputation. Gesha stands out among coffee varietals, garnering unparalleled acclaim. But what is the story behind this extraordinary coffee, and does it truly live up to the hype?

    While Gesha is commonly linked to Panama where it gained fame, its roots trace back to Ethiopia in the 1930s, discovered in the mountains near the town of… you ‘gueshed’ it, “Gesha.” Despite being grown experimentally in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania in the following years, it wasn't until the early 1950s that Gesha crossed the Atlantic. Seeds from Tanzania made their way to Costa Rica's CATIE coffee research center, and eventually, the varietal reached Panama a decade later.


    Since its unexpected triumph in 2004, Gesha has gained a cult following in the specialty coffee world, renowned for its complex and unique cup profile. Interestingly, that’s not solely attributed to the varietal. These high-altitude regions provide ideal growing conditions, coupled with meticulous farm management and processing. As Gesha's popularity grows and more farms experiment with it across Central America and Colombia, the question arises whether its distinctive attributes can be replicated on a larger scale. For now, Gesha continues to be a fantastic and limited supply coffee that is truly priceless.

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