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Eduardo Fernandez-Restrepo - Pink Bourbon

  • Black Currant, Sweet Fig, Winey, 

  • Region: Southwest Antioquia
    Farm: El Zacatin
    Process: Natural 
    Varietal: Pink Bourbon
    2100 masl

    Proudly Introducing two coffees from same farmer - Eduardo Fernandez-Restrepo

    Eduardo is a third generation coffee grower, very innovation driven, first generation coffee grower of varietal: Tabi (he got the coffee tree from agronomist in Antioquia with connections to Cenicafé, Colombia’s coffee research institute) Gesha (gifted from the Santa Maria farm in Buesaco, Nariño) , Pink Bourbon (came from fellow producer, Rodrigo Sanchez Valencia, who had rediscovered the variety on one of his farms in Huila)  and SL-28 (that is commonly found in Kenya)
    Next year Hagen Coffee Roasters will bring all coffees grown at this farm building long relationships with the grower

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